Fay, Kosla and Worth: WUDO’s Picks for Orinda City Council.

This November, three open seats on Orinda’s City Council signal a potential turning point for progress with Orinda’s downtown.  Three candidates in particular, Dennis Fay and Nick Kosla and Amy Worth represent Orindans BEST prospect for momentum in the process of Downtown renewal.


Fay, Kosla and Worth each offer a wealth of experience on issues pertaining to Orinda’s Downtown.  Dennis Fay, a former chair of the Citizens’ Infrastructure and Oversight Committee (CIOC) was instrumental in the development of Orinda’s program to repair its roads. Nick Kosla’s experience as Chair of the Orinda Planning Commission will be invaluable in future Council discussions about land use and business development in Orinda’s Downtown.  Amy Worth is currently serving as Mayor in her 4th term on Orinda’s City Council and has a proven voting record on thoughtful Downtown revitalization including leveraging the input of two independent consulting firms (The Urban Land Institute and Main Street America) to provide options for downtown renewal, and most recently, the green lighting of the Master Streetscape Plan which kicks off October 13th.

The addition of these three highly qualified and forward-thinking candidates to Orinda’s City Council is exactly what we need to move forward with downtown.  We offer our endorsement and urge others to vote for Dennis Fay, Nick Kosla and Amy Worth for Orinda City Council on November 6th.

Want to Help? It’s Simple.

Beyond voting, we encourage you to take it a step further and help these candidates win on November 6th. Visit each candidates’ website to volunteer to spread the word, host a yard sign or donate. Forward this message to your friends and neighbors to let them know who you’ll be voting for on November 6th. Get out the word, then get out and vote!



www.AmyWorthForOrinda.com (Coming soon!)