The Final Countdown: Dennis, Nick and Amy for City Council

Post-Election Update: WUDO’s picks for city council won by a wide margin! Congrats to Amy, Nick and Dennis. We look forward to working with you to make Orinda better for future generations!


Local Elections: The End Game = A Better Downtown

We are off to the races! The race for Orinda City Council that is. The deadline is tomorrow for Orinda to cast its votes for three candidates to fill three seats for the next three years.  Yes three is the magic number.

As a reminder, WUDO is endorsing three candidates for City Council: Dennis Fay, Nick Kosla and incumbent, Amy Worth.  We believe each of these candidates has the combination of experience and motivation to get our downtown moving in the right direction.  If you choose to read no further, please get out there and VOTE for Dennis, Nick and Amy.

Now the Why...

Here at WUDO, it’s obvious that we’ve been following this race  closely. Heck, we’ve been following every step of the downtown conversation closely…for years.  We’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to gathering information, studying the facts, learning the history, speaking to business owners, building owners and the city, organizing events and most importantly attending city council meetings to try to move things along.

Throughout this process, we have concluded that incumbent candidate Eve Phillips is not a candidate who will move downtown forward. Although her PR message is “pro downtown” Phillips has clearly demonstrated the opposite position, time and again, vote after vote.

Back in July 2015, Phillips voted against even starting the conversation about downtown revitalization (Orinda City Council Meeting held July 21st, 2015). In 2016, Phillips voted against bringing in thought leaders from outside agencies. And earlier this year, Phillips voted against a plan to improve downtown Orinda’s streetscape. The list goes on and on. Again and again at council meeting after council meeting, Phillips is predictably a “no” on nearly every downtown related issue.

Please, if you are on the fence at the polls tomorrow, don’t let campaign rhetoric fool you. Eve Phillips is demonstrably not in favor of progress for Orinda’s downtown. Nick Kosla, Dennis Fay and Amy Worth are qualified and ready to move forward. Please spread the word and vote Dennis, Nick and Amy for City Council. They are our ticket to a better downtown.