I Voted

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Did you receive your vote by mail ballot for the June 5th primary election?  We love voting at the kitchen table, or anywhere else for that matter.  Among the many items on the ballot, we are excited to cast our vote for two in particular.

Measure J: Library Services Parcel Tax


For those of you who are fans of Orinda's Public Library, please be sure to vote YES on Measure J.  This measure provides critical funding to our city's beloved Library.  Money will go towards library service hours; utilities, maintenance, repair of the library building and its systems and equipment; replacement of worn and outdated books and materials; and library programs for children, families and seniors.  To read more about this measure, please click through.

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan is running for Assembly

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Orinda resident Rebecca Bauer-Kahan is running for California State Assembly and we are excited to cast our votes for her.  According to her web site, some of Bauer-Kahan's priorities include:

  • Ensuring our children get a top-level education from pre-k through college by fully funding our public schools and guaranteeing universal pre-school so that every child has the opportunity to succeed
  • Protecting the environment and battling climate change

  • Working to improve transportation options, finding traffic solutions and investing in our crumbling infrastructure, including fixing our roads, working to make BART more reliable and building more BART parking

  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose

  • Increasing access to quality, affordable health care

  • Keeping our families and children safe by making California a model for the nation on gun violence prevention

  • Assuring balanced budgets, while protecting key state programs

  • Helping small businesses thrive and growing our local economy

For a good read, check out Bauer-Kahan's personal and professional background.  Inspiring to say the least.