This is happening

Thanks so much for visiting WHAT’S UP DOWNTOWN. We know from our conversations with friends and neighbors and the outpouring of support for the recent petition regarding downtown renewal that it is a topic you care about, deeply.

You want a more beautiful downtown. So do we. You want new retail options, a great gourmet market and new restaurants. So do we. You want a place to meet friends for a drink (gasp!). So do we. Let's work together to make this happen.

Good news! A groundswell of interest in downtown renewal is happening at a time when conditions are ripe for revitalization:

  • The city council is ready to turn its attention to this topic and is in the final stages of hiring a new city planner
  • Recent articles in the Contra Costa TimesLamorinda Weekly and The Orinda News highlighted the support this issue is receiving from the community and the city council
  • Many properties downtown that have been vacant or undeveloped have recently changed hands
  • Long term commercial leases are coming up
  • Plans to refresh the Brookwood Mini Park are currently being reviewed by city council members
  • The city is about to embark on a parking study of downtown Orinda and adjacent residential neighborhoods
  • Nearly 700 Orinda residents have signed the Downtown Petition initiated by Monica Fitzsimmons
  • Local action groups have requested that the city continue forward momentum in this process

Our group’s goal is to keep our community informed and engaged in this process so that we see downtown Orinda reach its greatest potential.  

STAY INFORMED: We are leading busy lives in busy times and we understand that it can be challenging to stay in the loop.  Can't attend city council meetings in the evening?  We'll go for you and send you the scoop.  Don't have the time to follow the play by play of commercial real estate transactions, development plans and leasing turnovers downtown?  We'll do our best to find out and let you know what's going on. What are other local groups and community members saying and doing about downtown renewal?  We'll share that, too. 

BE ENGAGED: At key junctures, we'll seek your support and involvement via petitions, letter writing campaigns, meetings or email campaigns. Care to contribute a column to our WHAT'S UP NOW page or send us a news idea? Fantastic.  Just want to hear the latest? That's fine, too. Sign up to STAY INFORMED and we will send you updates.  

For you social types, we’re on Facebook and Instagram (@whatsupdowntownorinda).

We hope you’ll join us in making downtown Orinda a place to be proud of!